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Holistic, Comprehensive Financial Planning

At Milestone Asset Management Group, we believe that at the root of every goal lays a comprehensive financial plan that must be monitored and adjusted along the way. Financial planning, pulls all your finances together, organizing them and making management easier and more effective. The more you understand and better manage your wealth, the more likely you are to achieve your goals and dreams. We use a client-centric process, focused on pursuing specific milestones we create together. Our Comprehensive planning process is designed to help identify your needs, implement your strategy and monitor it regularly to help you stay on course. Here is a flowchart that highlights our process:

Our step-by-step planning process

  • Discover

    We ask that you complete a detailed questionnaire and meet with you to evaluate your current financial position and discuss your financial needs and goals.

  • Build a Plan

    We build you a financial plan based on your information and input, our expertise, and utilization of the best planning tools.

  • Present

    We review your plan with you and together we agree on how you would like to proceed.

  • Implement

    We take care of the paperwork and get your plan moving forward.

  • Review

    We have regular meetings with you to review the progress of your plan and discuss any life changes.

Getting Started Is Easy

Creating a Financial Plan will help you:

Cash Flow Analysis & Planning

See your finances from a holistic point of view, so you understand how your individual financial decisions impact your overall financial success.

A clear plan of action

Identify your long and short-term financial goals and the steps needed to achieve those goals.

One-to-One Guidance

Create integrated strategies that take into account the interconnectedness of your financial activities.

Ongoing Reviews

Track your progress and make adjustments as you experience new life events or develop a different perspective.

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