“We build diversified portfolios that capture the dimensions of expected return”

Eugene F. Fama

Our Approach

Milestone Asset Management Group is a fee-only registered investment advisory firm who utilizes a long-term prudent investment strategy based on 50+ years of Nobel Prize-winning research. We build our portfolios by utilizing a multidisciplinary approach to create strategic allocations that align with each client’s time frame, risk tolerance, and investment objectives. Our low-cost, tax-efficient and globally diversified portfolios hone in specifically on securities with higher expected returns. We build Milestone Portfolios exclusively with funds managed by Dimensional Fund Advisors.

“We take pride in what we do. The philosophy we have enables people to stick with it, and the returns we’ve been able to achieve have enabled people to live better.” – David Booth

Our Investment Principles

  • Embrace Market Pricing

    The market is an efficient information-processing machine: millions of participants buy and sell securities in the world markets every day, and the real information they bring helps set prices.

  • Don't Try To Outsmart The Market

    Research shows that 92% of active fund managers underperform their benchmarks. The market's pricing power works against mutual fund managers who try to outperform the market through stock picking or market timing.

  • Resist Chasing Past Performance

    Some investors select mutual funds based on past performance; research shows that most of the funds in the top quartile (25%) of previous five-year returns did not maintain a top quartile ranking for one year returns in the following year; past performance offers little insight into a fund's future performance.

  • Avoid Market Timing

    You never know which market segments will outperform from year to year; by holding a globally diversified portfolio investors are well positioned to seek returns whenever they occur.

  • Look Beyond the Headlines

    Daily market news and commentary can challenge your investment discipline: when headlines unsettle you consider the source and maintain a long-term perspective.

Milestone’s We Belives:

Value outperforms Growth

Research performed by economists at the University of Chicago have proven that throughout any 20 year period since 1926 value stocks have outperformed growth stock 100% of the time.

Active Management - myths

Wall Street would have investors believing in active managers, who pursue “hot stocks” with their “super traders” who have a magic touch when it comes to picking stocks and timing the market. The fact is that less than 10% of active managers outperform their own benchmarks. Over 90% failure rate.

Small Outperforms Large

research performed by economists at the University of Chicago have proven that throughout any 20 year period since 1926 small stocks have outperformed large stock 98.7% of the time.

Asset Allocation

Academic research has provided evidence that an investor’s asset allocation, the selection of asset classes, including US equities, Non-US equities and both US and Non-US fixed income, and the portfolio percentage allocation to each, is the single most important element in a portfolio strategy. Asset allocation accounts for over 90% of a portfolio’s performance

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