Safety of Your Assets

Who your advisor uses to custody your investments is a critical factor, in determining the level of service, support & protection you can expect.

Strategic Partner

Milestone Asset Management Group has established strategic relationships with industry leaders in order to provide our clients with the most comprehensive investment management services available. As your financial advisor, we’re expected to make decisions about your money based on the highest degree of scrutiny. You can be assured that we use the same approach when choosing the service providers we employ to help you meet your financial objectives. This is why we’ve selected Fidelity Investments® (“Fidelity”) as our custodian.


What Is a Custodian?

A custodian is a financial institution that has legal responsibility for a customer’s securities. Custodianship includes management as well as safekeeping, and this service incurs additional fees. Our firm, like all investment managers, is required to have a custodian. Investments that you entrust to our firm are placed in custody with Fidelity’s clearing firm, National Financial Services LLC (NFS) — one of the largest clearing providers in the industry. A clearing firm is an organization that works with financial exchanges to handle the confirmation, delivery, and settlement of transactions.

When you’re selecting your financial advisor, considering who your advisor uses to custody your investments can be a critical factor, as this will help determine the level of service, support, and protection you can expect from your financial advisor.

Our Firm and Fidelity— How We Work Together for You

Our selection of Fidelity Investments, one of the largest providers of financial services in the nation, enables our firm to offer you investment products, services, and protection that can go a long way in helping you meet your goals. Fidelity’s relationship managers work consultatively with our firm to help us choose the products and services that are in the best interest of you, our clients. We are confident that in the years to come, you can expect Fidelity to continue to help find new ways for us to better serve you.

Institutional Platform Access

Through our relationship with Fidelity Institutional, we gain access to more than 1,000 investment vehicles and strategies to customize your portfolio Including:

  • Institutional fund families such as Dimensional Funds, BlackRock, Vanguard, PIMCO, AQR
  • Third-party money managers and strategist
  • Private fund investments at institutional pricing from companies and much more

How does our relationship with Fidelity benefit you?

An experienced, reputable firm helping to protect your assets and privacy

Fidelity’s reputation for integrity and financial management expertise gives our firm peace of mind. Fidelity has a thorough understanding of the products and services we need to help best serve you and how to deliver them to you in the most efficient and convenient ways.

Additional Protection for Your Investments

Fidelity has arranged for insurance protection beyond the coverage through the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (“SIPC”). While your assets are covered by SIPC up to $500,000, including cash claims limited to $250,000, Fidelity provides supplemental protection for your account over and above this SIPC coverage. Fidelity Asset Protection Factsheet

Solutions Intended to Meet Your Unique Needs

Working with Fidelity gives us access to a wide range of solutions—those offered by Fidelity as well as by other third-party firms—that can help us strive to achieve your financial objectives.

Trading strength that may save you money

Because trading is a core component of the Fidelity offering, we are able to leverage Fidelity Capital Markets3 for the execution of your trades. The Fidelity Capital Markets team of experienced, in-house trading professionals provides us with additional insight to help us make informed decisions and is committed to helping you achieve your investment objectives.

Broad selection of investments

With one of the largest mutual fund supermarkets and access to all publicly traded ETFs & Stocks, Fidelity enables us to select what we think are the best investments for your portfolio all at a flat trading fee to you.

Recordkeeping That Helps Simplify Your Life

The need to keep track of your transactions, including capital gains and losses, can be a burden — especially at tax time. Through our relationship with Fidelity, you will receive a simplified, consolidated statement each month reflecting all your investment positions and transactions. At the end of the year, you will receive one 1099 tax form and a summary statement, which can make preparing your tax return much easier.

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