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Tax Planning & Preparation

There is a big difference between tax preparation and tax planning. Tax preparation happens after the fact where tax planning is forward-looking it begins on January 1st and continues for the next 12 months. At Milestone, we believe utilizing proper tax planning along with a custom investment strategy will yield the best results for our client’s long term. Your biggest expense in retirement is taxes, without proper planning, ongoing reviews and having the right team of CPA’s and experienced financial planners can cost you potentially tens of thousands of dollars.

At Milestone our team will work with you to design a custom financial and tax plan where we will not only design a successful plan but also a plan where you keep as much as you possibly can. We do that by reviewing your income needs, future RMDs, possibilities of Roth conversion and the possible effect it can have on provisional income and social security taxation. We then design a distribution plan that combines distributions from retirement and non-retirement accounts to create an ultimate tax benefit to our clients.  The plans are monitored and reviewed by our team throughout the year to make sure we are on target. In addition to that we determine which investments are best in which types of accounts in order to minimize taxes as well, this step is essential in minimizing taxes and making your portfolio work as efficiently as possible. Tax planning and preparation is an art form. When done correctly, it can result in significant savings.

Some of Our tax planning and preparation services include:

Tax Planning and Strategies

Accounting/Audit/Review Compilation

Individual and Business Tax Consulting and Compliance

Tax Preparation & Filing

IRS Audit Representation


Tax Cost Analyses of Roth Conversions

Social Security Tax Optimization Strategies

Distribution Strategies in Retirement to Minimize Medicare Premiums

Custom Distribution Strategies in Retirement to Minimize Taxes

deliver withdrawal strategies that are tax-efficient by optimizing drawdown to marginal tax rates.

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